Dreaming Stone – Annual reflection, mapping, and appeal

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Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center!!

Giving to Dreaming Stone is seeding the exploration of a spiritual vitality and communal strength tied to ecological health and collective liberation. 

If you are a supporter, please receive this note as a fun annual report and a 2022 update, with our deepest gratitude. We couldn’t do it without you!

If you are not yet contributing, know that the majority of our operations are sustained by individual supporters. Consider enabling our projects and programs as we live into this new season of community building work!

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Building a place to gather amidst a global pandemic!

Is our timing off? …Yes, and No.

Building is slow. Gatherings require a great deal more discernment. Yet, gatherings are filled with blessing, and discernment offers blessings as well. Discernment is at the heart of our lives – as we explore how our values and assets interface with the needs of the world, in these complicated times. 

Some accomplishments of 2021!!!

Holy Fool Arts co-created 4 films, alongside solid collaborators! 

– We created dreamingstone.org

– The exquisite murals of Eli Sanchez now adorn the Mothership. 

– Our first multi day programming was potent and empowering.

– The Carnival reunion and work party was healing, sweet and productive.

– All the gatherings and visits were Covid free. Precautions kept risks low.

– An abundant garden nourished us, guests, and program participants.

– A foot pump sink was donated to a local community garden.

– Trees and shrubs with abundant gifts were propagated and planted.

– Our “Seasonal Rememorations” embodied land honoring rituals.

– We are accompanying Leonardo Moreno and Romina Memoli, Honduran artists and activists who are rebuilding their lives in the US.

Our 2022 Priorities!!

– Complete the Mothership: build the library, install community room floor.

– Build infrastructure for outdoor education and resident interns.

– Expand personnel; Grow our capacity with administrative help.

– Connect to local networks and build partnerships with

  • the Local Food Council,
  • Creation Care Alliance,
  • Cooperate WNC (Mutual Aid Network),
  • the Broad Riverkeepers,
  • Cherokee educators & organizations.

– Build up covid adaptive programs: 

  • Cultural Offerings that sync with the seasons 
  • an Artist in Residency program,
  • regular Therapeutic Landcare & an annual Wilderness Vigil 
  • land based skills, building workshops, first aid training
Support This Work!
As we enter this Advent season we harbor hope like a seed in the dark soil. Precious and vulnerable, yet equipped with the power of Life! God will give birth to new things, using our hands to midwife new possibilities.
May we ready our hearts to celebrate the break throughs and break downs – like Mary singing her Magnificat, may we see the potential for God to turn it all upside down. 

Advent Blessings!
Tevyn East
Executive Director
Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center

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