Cultural Activism

Art is our greatest tool for making meaning and building culture. Through visual, sonic, or embodied representations of creative vision, we generate a language of symbols, and defiantly inhabit alternative stories. Through art we indict the offender, diagnose the dis‘ease, examine the evidence, retether the torn connections. Through art we paint pictures of possible futures, unearth forgotten truths and unmask the multiplicity that crowds our reality

“Cultural activism is defined as a set of creative practices and activities which challenge dominant interpretations and constructions of the world, while presenting alternative socio-political and spatial imaginaries in ways which challenge relationships between art, politics, participation and spectatorship.” – as sighted here.

Here are Dreaming Stone, we embrace the idea that there are no spectators. We enjoy sharing embodied practices. We see art making as one of the most effective long term strategies for shifting the paradigm toward the inclusive, mutual and accountable systems that protect and honor all life.

Our commitment to Cultural Activism is in the development of an Artist in Residency Program that hosts visionary artists and collaborations between artists. Cultural exchange is critical for celebration and proliferation of cultural diversity. We highlight gifts of artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds, spiritual traditions, experiences and expressions of racial and gender identity, sexual orientation and socio political status. The resident artist’s creations, shared through events or artifacts that remain on the DSAEC campus, provides lenses, mirrors, story seeds that grow our awareness of and compassion for our world.

Holy Fool Arts shares combined decades of experience in cultural activism, through music and dance, their theopoetic storytelling, immersive theater strategies, “autonomous zone” experiments (think pirates), and liturgy laced with festive playfulness. Holy Fool Art will continue to operate at Dreaming Stone through the Seasonal Rememorations and a smattering of classes and workshops.


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