Regenerative Landcare

At Dreaming Stone, we are learning to listen to the land’s needs – getting to know the histories of disturbance and deficiency that have shaped this watershed, attending to the land’s own mechanisms for healing, and partnering with the regenerative intelligence inherent within creation. This means integrating forest management and farming practices that restore and preserve soil health and biological diversity, sequester carbon and thoughtfully harvest water. Our focus on regenerative landcare is closely tied to our commitment to transformative justice, as we seek to curb exploitive practices that export waste (and harmful impacts) and elevate closed loops, where waste yields fertility. 

Healthy relationships with the land and with communities focus on mutuality and reciprocity.

Healthy systems birth beneficial emergent properties:

  • resilience
  • synchronicity
  • strength through interconnectedness
  • self renewing fertility
  • vitality
  • beauty

Our earliest experiments in regenerative landcare include:

  • compost systems,
  • a large homestead vegetable garden,
  • native grasses planted around the wetland and pond,
  • edible and medicinal shrubs and tree propogation for a future generation’s educational foraging path.

We are learning about humanure composting, rain gardens, remediation… and lots more!

Our fullest dreams include wildlife conservation along interspecial collaboration with domesticated animals: goats, rabbits, chicken, bees. and lots of berries… a productive annual garden integrated into perennial systems of medicinal and culinary herbs alongside a robust agroforestry operation. Our lifelong dream is to become the agents through whom the dreams of the land are fulfilled!

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