Spiritual Ecology

Our physical health and spiritual vitality is connected to mindfulness of our interconnection with creation, as well as our connection to ancestors and future generations. Reclaiming a spirituality of connectedness and building cultural practices that deepen (rather than dampen) our awareness of our collectivity, is a restorative movement full of practitioners and teachers.

We are moved by the following thinkers, networks and media producers

Emergence Magazine – 

Bayo Akomolafe & the Emergence Network

GEEZ Magazine

Emergent Strategies and other works by Adrienne Maree Brown Taylor

Spiritual Ecology is about biological and cultural diversity. The world is hurting for the many ways that we fail to honor the gifts of diversity. Just as monocropping within the industrial agricultural system deprives us of valuable biological diversity, forced assimilation and white supremacy strips communities of connections to their many ancestral lifeways and stories. Spiritual Ecology is about seeing the legacies of human impact on the natural world while reinhabiting place as a learner and lover – reflecting on, listening to, relating to the web of life around us.

What does this look like at Dreaming Stone?

We are working with Spiritual Ecology by sharing the stories about where our food comes from, sensitizing ourselves to our ecological impact, living in community, building a foraging path that teaches about edible and medicinal plants native to the southeast, and learning songs and stories that help us delight in the wisdom of the land.

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