Greetings! Friend! Your support means the world to us, as we

increase cultural diversity in a cultural dessert,

support local food in a globalized world,

build meaning and communal memory

in the face of the world’s despair and denial.

Together, we are skilling up for a just and sustainable future!

… Our community of support makes it possible!

One time donations can be made online, or mailed by check to:

382 Pleasant Hill Rd. Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Checks should be made payable to DSAEC, or Dreaming Stone AEC

Contributions to DSAEC are tax‐deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Also, consider joining our “Affiliates Program” with recurring monthly donations of $25 or more.

 As Dreaming Stone continues to build capacity to cultivate social and ecological healing, we are humbled and emboldened by your investment in our work. Thank you for your support!

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