Watershed Discipleship

We are part of a larger movement of radical disciples across the globe that are seeking to become place-based advocates for all life connected through our watersheds.

As stated by our beloved mentor, Ched Myers, “Watershed Discipleship is an intentional triple entendre:

  1. Recognizing we live in a watershed moment of ecological crisis,
  2. Learning to be disciples in our watersheds, and
  3. Developing awareness of the ways our watersheds act as our rabbis (teachers), pointing us to God.”

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge,

we have an abundance of water!

This transformational work involves building bioregional literacy, rereading scripture with an ecological lens, rewilding our liturgy and building earth honoring cultural practices. This includes learning the history of our place, addressing harm done to human and nonhuman lives, and seeking restorative solidarity with the original inhabitant of the land. Watershed Discipleship means doing to those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you. 


What this looks like at Dreaming Stone

We hold seasonal celebrations and rituals that enhance imagination for our interconnectedness. We are learning wetland restoration work and careful consideration how our activities effect the river and the groundwater. We are building bioregional literacy with mural projects. Land acknowledgements help us be “of”, rather than “on”, this place. We support river clean ups as well as engage advocacy efforts directed toward the health of local streams and rivers.

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