Holy Fool Arts

We are a theatrical production company fusing earth-centered spirituality with the biblical prophetic tradition while drawing on the ancient yet perennial power of art and ceremony to facilitate the healing work of communal grief, struggle, and defiant joy. 

Our past work includes:

  • Caravan – the traveling work of Holy Fool Arts’ founders, Tevyn East and Jay Beck as educators, worship leaders, and performers of theopoetic theater;

  • Leaps & Bounds – a one-woman show that exposes the environmental and social costs of our growth-oriented economy;

  • BEAST – a blues-infused music project that unearths the significance of wild nature within the Judeo-Christian tradition; and

  • The Carnival de Resistance – a traveling arts carnival, education initiative, and eco-village demonstration project.

In the spring of 2021, Holy Fool Arts was commissioned by the UCC department of Faith Education, Innovation and Formation to create four liturgical films for their 33rd national Synod.

Find all the films at this link

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find:

#6 Root Summons, written by Jay Beck

#7 The Struggle of the People and the Struggle of the People are One, written in collaboration with Sarah Nahar

#8 Jubilee Jamboree Funk Note Song, written by Jim Perkinson

#14 Lord, Don’t Move My Mountain, song by Jay Beck

Our solid collaborators made these possible! We brought in Zap McConnel to direct the film shots. Jarrett Heatherly and Marthame Sanders from Heat Sand Productions handled the Photography and Sound. Samuel Lockridge joined and contributed his original music. Aaron Strumpel edited the sound. Jason Chesnut of ANKOSfilms edited the video. None of this would have been possible without the production oversight of Rev. Tracy Howe, UCC Minister for Congregational and Community Engagement

Holy Fool Arts current programmatic engagement at Dreaming Stone includes the Seasonal Rememorations and a smattering of classes & workshops. Also, Tevyn and Jay act as host within DSAEC’s Artist in Residence program.

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