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These festive events mark our seasons, remind us of the gifts of the earth and build communal memory. Drawing from the remarkable diversity of cultural practices that honor seasonal change, we look at the subversive storylines that live within various folk traditions

Our educational focus responds to the local and widespread need for youth programming, cross cultural exchange, ecological and bioregional literacy and leadership development grounded in an ethos of collective liberation. Whether one off events on a single day, or multi day workshops or trainings, we provide a space for skill building and personal development that benefits broader cultural transformation.

Dreaming Stone believes in the power of art to strengthen our imaginations, guide our hope, and inspire change. We provide performance events for the community that expose participants to diverse assortment of cultural traditions and artistic visions. These cultural offerings provide creative dialogue about the land, the struggles of the people, and the work of building healthy community.

These events integrate team effort and skill building with play and celebration of connection. Regardless of experience with gardening or construction, we know that everyone has something to offer and we appreciate the contribution of time. We always have a work party co-ordinator to orient and guide all volunteers and usually have a range of tasks for different physical abilities or technical skills.

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