Intentional Community

Dreaming Stone is a place inhabited and tended by an intentional community, who share a life of interdependence and fellowship in common causes. Additionally, the community seeks to foster a space for spiritual growth and hospitality.

The original founders are members of the East family – Chris, Lou, Daniel and Tevyn East, and Jay Beck (Tevyn’s husband). Chris & Lou are both retired pastors (PCUSA), steeped in the social gospel, with decades given to service and solidarity. Tevyn & Jay are both cultural workers, living at the intersections of arts, activism, and faith & spirituality (you can learn more about their work through Holy Fool Arts). Daniel East is a consultant and trainer in the world of solar installation and operation – working in service to the movement for energy independence for Native people through the Covenant Tribal Solar Initiative.

Often, folks come to live on the land and enter into community life for a season or longer, as the boundary of the community is permeable and adaptive. The community is exploring healthy and mutually empowering ways to grow the community through new membership.

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