Located in the traditional land of the Cherokee and Catawba People, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center (DSAEC) builds skills and strategies for community resilience and the restoration of biological and cultural diversity.

DSAEC is a creative laboratory, learning center, farm, an experiment in regenerative landcare, place of art and ceremony, and community space for healing.  We are actively developing skills for creating a just and restorative culture and gather in service to our watershed, in honor of our ancestors, and on behalf of future generations. We weave arts and ecology to foster diversity, build reciprocity with the land, promote spiritual connection, and propagate sustainable futures.

During time at DSAEC, you can expect the following: 

o   We will provide space and time to dream and envision the world we need. 

o   We will tell stories and sing songs and create art together, embodying our grief and hope and healing. 

o   We will explore, learn and teach new and ancient ways to heal ourselves, our communities and the land upon which we depend.

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