Our Call

Spiritual Ecology

A growing field in religion and conservation recognizing that there is a spiritual facet to all environmental work. This spiritual connection to land helps us see through the modern myths of independence and enter into creation’s dance of interdependence.

Cultural Activism

Cultural practices and programs that generate alternative vision and hope-filled action for a world that thrives beyond the heteropatriarchal, capitalist, racist, supremacy touting narrative of death.

Watershed Discipleship

A movement of earth honoring, justice loving christians working to build bioregional literacy, reread scriptures with an ecological lens, learn the histories of our place, rewild our liturgies, and creat cultural practices that honor our inter- connectedness

Regenerative Landcare

This is a lifelong journey of getting to know the histories of disturbance and deficiency that have shaped this watershed, attending to the land’s own mechanisms for healing, and partnering with the regenerative intelligence inherent within creation.

We are learning to weave these callings into our programming, projects and partnership commitments. Check out what we’re up to!

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