Merry Christmas from Holy Fool Arts!

There is light in this dark world!

We are Building! We are becoming Dreaming Stone!

Season’s Greetings! Jay and I are excited to share updates, show pictures, and offer our holiday blessings. May this bit of news from our corner of the world encourage your spirits! 

Like many this time of year, Holy Fool Arts is extending an appeal for support. Pouring all of our resources, sweat and soul into the infrastructure for Dreaming Stone, we need your help putting flesh on the bones of these endeavors by supporting our program goals for 2020. We hope for many land and culture experiments that draw communities together.

Your gifts will enable us to:

  • Build artist residencies that support working artists who could also produce murals, sacred sites, garden installations and magical trails.
  • Develop liturgy for “worship in the woods” and create music and movement offerings to share with local and regional faith communities. 
  • Prepare an event for our extended community. We hope to open the doors in early fall – to explore stories, teach and share skills, and convene rituals that fuel the journey.

Please consider making a one-time tax deductible donation or sustain us with monthly support.

Thanks to each of you who have offered your support and enabled our efforts. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

Give support!
Exciting update! The yurt is habitable! The wood stove is in! It is furnished and we are beginning to settle ourselves on the land. The first guests to enjoy the yurt will be Sarah and Jonathan Nahar, who are joining us for an impromptu solstice celebration. We are thrilled to slowly watch our dreams materialize!
Construction on the community house, which our family is building together, has begun! Expect updates. We are excited that this space will allow us to offer personal retreat space, host events, support creative practices, and be a general hub for all community life!

Collaborations out in the world! Come join us!

There are two upcoming occasions where we are contributing as performers. Both are presented by brilliant friends who know how to make meaningful and memorable events! Please consider attending either or both!

Who Holds The Devil

An immersive cautionary tale by Afterculture Theater.
Jan 22 – Feb 1st in Lexington, KY – 

Step into a post-apocalyptic landscape where the repercussions of humankinds’s climate negligence are tangible. The fate of humanity rests on the audience solving the riddle of civilization’s demise. Utilizing interactive set installations, movement as narrative, and Geothe’s Faust as a literary cue, join in this last dire effort to unlock the vault and restore hope. Get Tickets today!

Unsettling Histories
Decolonizing Discipleship 

Kinsler Institute 2020 by Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries
February 17-21, in Oak View, CA
We continue to connect the dots between Native Justice, Land Restoration and our own healing and becoming beloved community.  Learn more and join us!
Christmas / Solstice Blessing

We are amidst a holy season. Advent slings subversive stories, attuning us to a wild joy built against a backdrop of sorrow and unjust suffering. We rejoice at the arrival of a refugee baby, in an occupied land, born without secure shelter, set in the place where animals feed, visited by and bound with the lowly and the foreigners. God visits the world in the humblest of settings. 

We are amidst the earth’s season. The subtleties and severities of weather awaken us to our vulnerability. The wisdom of our ancestors, about how to endure the dark of the year, is planted deep within us. We are drawn to feasts and stories: old tales abound (however sanitized or cartoonized by capitalism). May we remember the earth’s stories and may meaning and connection fill our long nights!
Love and Light!
Tevyn East
Director, Holy Fool Arts
Artistic Director, Carnival de Resistance


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