We’re building our dreams!

We are building Dreaming Stone…

The pond dam is fixed, the road is in, the yurt is up!

Things are moving fast. We are learning so much! 

This past season, we had two awesome work parties with dear friends, old and new. Together, we constructed a round platform and raised a yurt! And had lots of fun along the way! Jay and I are excited to now have space to host folks and support artist residencies at Dreaming Stone!

The People make it happen! We are grateful for the platform crew “Yurt Mama”, made up of JD Frost, Jimmy Frost, Taylor Shultz, Samuel Lockridge, Jon Watts, Jess Horton, Lydia & Scott Lundgren, Melissa Marion, Daniel East & Papa East, with special support from Carter Echols. Then, we were delighted to have yurt raising fun with Clancy Dunigan, JD Frost, Jimmy Betts, and Johnny & Annie. The yurt was made possible by support from Restoration Village Arts and the Opaline Fund, and yummy meals from my mother.

The mother ship is landing!

The community house, that my family has collaboratively designed, will begin going up within the month! Created by Deltec, a local company dedicated to green building practices, the house shell has already been built in a warehouse run by renewable energy. We will spend significant chunks of winter and spring on the finishing work. 

We are thrilled that this house will enable us:

  • To offer retreat and hospitality with guest bedrooms.
  • To host gatherings, learning events, and cultural offerings in the community room.
  • To serve groups of people with our kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • To support creative work, with spaces for music, crafts, movement practices, and visual design!

Keep watch for building pics and updates! 

The land offers potential for contemplation, recreation, agriculture, agroforestry, and animal husbandry. Jay is learning about goats, I’m learning about edible forest gardens. With the pond now stabilized, we are turning our attention to wetland restoration. 
We often feel over our heads and are regularly getting wake up calls on our idealistic timelines. Yet we continue to design, deliberate, research and act. We are in the first phase of a long term plan and know that it will only happen step by step.
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We are so grateful to be building a space that can counter destructive narratives, demonstrate sustainable alternatives and offer healing and inspiration. Though we remain mindful that the world is full of devastation, with so many peoples and ecosystems under threat. Please hold us in your prayers and be a part of our network of accountability, support, and co-conspirators. 

With Love & Gratitude!
Tevyn East
Director, Holy Fool Arts
Artistic Director, Carnival de Resistance

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