Dreaming Stone is launching Programs, projects and work parties!

We continue our creative placemaking, culture building and dream weaving…

here, at Dreaming Stone!

Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, in Rutherford Count, NC, Dreaming Stone seeks to be a creative laboratory, learning center, farm, permaculture demonstration project, a center for art and ceremony, and a community space for healing. Yes, we’re learning everyday!

Above are images from our Summer Solstice event, as well as pics from the Dreaming Stone garden. Summer is lavishing us with her buzzing bees, brisk dips in the river, and abundant green growth. We are launching programs through the Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center, while managing projects and offering hospitality as a community. 

Check out what’s coming!

“Healing Haunted Histories” and “Watershed Discipleship” 

Oct 22nd – 24th with Elaine Enns and Ched Myers
of Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

This weekend includes a 2 day deep dive into Elaine and Ched’s most recent publication that helps people of faith and conscience reckon with their personal and political history and legacies of settler colonialism. Then, we will spend an additional half day of study and action around the watershed – building bioregional faith and practice. You may attend both workshops or either separately. This event includes awesome teachings, songs and sacred reflection, space for sharing and unpacking personal stories, and delicious locally sourced food. 

This event is limited to vaccinated participants.

Monthly Singing Circle

1st Wednesday of each month, 6 – 8pm
Do you find strength and support from lifting your voice with others? Come join in and build a resilent and joyful community with us!


Ritual of Remembrance

Oct 23 – 6 pm – Dinner and community ritual in the tradition of Dia de Los Muertos and All Souls. We honor those we’ve lost by sharing stories, sharing food, creating beauty and celebrating the gifts passed down to us. 


more upcoming programs…

mark your calendars!


Propagation Power

Nov 20th with Jonathan McRay
Plant propagation is a vital practice of food sovereignty and ecological restoration. Learn easy tools and tricks for growing acres and generations of plants, and conspire to graft plant propagation with social movements that resist violence and waste.  Plant workshop 1 – 5 pm. Storysharing 7 pm.
We need your help!

Projects and Work Parties at Dreaming Stone!

Mural fun is coming! The gentle spirit and artistic genius of Eli Sanchez will leave their permanent mark on our cultural center: critters from the watershed and pollinators offering enchantment. Lend a hand, help beauty emerge!

Simultaneously, Dreaming Stone is hosting a Carnival de Resistance reunion and workparty. Come, put your shoulder to the plow with this playful bunch during any portion of the following days…

Click the above links to get more details and register to join us. Or, Consider supporting us financially….

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A little update on the Holy Foolery…

Holy Fool Arts created liturgical offerings for the opening worship of the UCC General Synod 2021. We recommend the full service (linked above), as well as all 3 other services created by the Faith Education, Innovation and Formation Team of the UCC. To skip to our material, use the following times:
  • Invocation – 20:25 – written by Jay Beck
  • Confession – 26:50 written in collaboration with Sarah Nahar with music by Samuel Lockridge
  • Assurance of Grace at 32:30 – excerpt of poetry by Jim Perkinson
  • Sermon Response – 1:00:30 – song by Jay Beck
We will make the separate videos available to you once they are formatted and properly cited.

What the Dreaming Stone Community is up to…

As the spring and summer grew our number of vaccinated friends, we’ve been hosting folks more and more. New friendships are growing – locally and among our extended network. Multiple friends who share decades of history have journeyed here to bless and support our efforts. No words are adequate – light just shines, water is wet, and love heals….

We were glad to build ties with Rachel Yu, (above mid left) who stayed with us a few days. We learned a lot from her stories of working with VisionFund Myanmar. Helen Hale, a featured performer in the Carnival de Resistance, (above midright) is residing with us currently. My parents have had beloved groups circle up – Epiphany Presbyterian folks, and the reunion of the Duke Alumni. Other beloved visitors include Jason MagLaughlin and Micalagh Moritz, who brought her sweet fam (upper left). She and I shared a life pivot with the Church of the Saviour community in DC a decade ago. We celebrate how community grows and deepens.

And just for the fun of it… a few more pics!

We remain so grateful to friends and allies who believe in this work, provide encouragement and much needed support. Thank you for journeying with us!

Tevyn East
Director of Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center
co-founder of Holy Fool Arts (and other creative shenanigans)

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