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Check out our new logo!

There are many births to celebrate. Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center (DSAEC) is taking root and sending up shoots of life, here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge! The above logo was drawn and designed by Eli Sanchez, a beloved artist friend from Mexico City, who will be visiting Dreaming Stone this summer to paint some murals.

Whether you are new to this newsletter, or have been following our holy mischief for years, here is our spring update…

What’s happening?
We’re growing capacity and supporting capacity…

We are on the cusp of installing a solar system, to initiate DS’s deepening understanding of energy generation and consumption. This specific project is in partnership with Covenant Solar Initiative, and will serve as a training piece for systems that will be replicated on Native American reservations, beginning with the Northern Cheyenne of southeastern Montana. We are thrilled to contribute a small part to Covenant Solar’s effort to build capacity within native american tribes to achieve energy sovereignty. Hat’s off to my brother, Daniel East, for his deep investment in and support for this project!

Throughout this year, we will continue to focus on building infrastructure and building organizational capacity. Simultaneously, we’re listening to and learning from neighbors, finding the local good works to join and support, all while studying and tending the land. 
  • We are slowly finishing the Mothership (community house), yet are able to host small gatherings and creative projects (more below).
  • Lots of creative commissions and collaborations are slated for 2021!
  • Program offerings and our website launch are happening in early summer.

… follow us for more consistent updates


Recaps … recalls … reviews … on 2021!

The conditions are ripe for a productive garden this year! Jay Beck is the project lead. Local gardeners are providing helpful instruction. New friends are showing up to lend a hand. We’re ambitious with our expansion of new beds, eager to build healthy soil.

Growing food is central to the life of our community. The garden will enable our hospitality and support initial programing. In the future, we intend for the garden to be central to the life of the non-profit – as our center for learning, creative laboratory, demonstration project, place for sacred reflection… our stage, audience, and featured performer!

Fun news! “a secret gift outside the door –  poems of resistance and wonder” was released. This publication of apocalyptic eloquence, by Jim Perkinson and Tommy Airey, offers meaty material for all with an appetite for the undomesticated Christ. It is delicious. The footnotes alone will blow your mind. I was honored to write a forward and held zero punches as I beckoned the reader to an embodied exploration of the poetry therein.  I love these guys and love how they influence and embolden my inner wise wild woman. 
The 2021 BKI institute was a pleasure. Though this was their first virtual gathering, it was as deep, connecting, and eye opening as ever. The new book, “Healing Haunted Histories: A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization”, was officially launched, reflecting years of study and a community wide deep dive. DSAEC will be hosting a mini-institute and ritual launch into this work, this Oct 22-24.  Yes, Ched Myers and Elaine Enns will be with us for this, our first multi-day event at Dreaming Stone. Come join the goodness we are brewing! 
Jay and Tevyn have been active with a local racial justice coalition, now called “Small Town Solidarity”. The wisdom of this group is helping us learn about local history and racial disparity in current systems, while strategizing how to build political will for equity in a politically conservative context. While most of Holy Fool Arts’ “bells and whistles” are still buried in storage, we invited locals into conversation by offering face painting and playing music at the downtown MayFest. 
And finally, A HUGE GLORIOUS GIFT! Holy Fool Arts was commissioned by the United Church of Christ to generate liturgical content for the opening worship of their upcoming General Synod 33. This biannual national gathering is virtual this year, and will feature four videos that we are creating in collaboration with Zap McConnell and Ankos Films, with brilliant photography from Heat and Sand Productions, original music from Samuel Lockridge, and sound engineering from Aaron Strumpel. Of course, it is all enabled by the brilliance of Tracy Howe, of Restoration Village Arts. These short films will be available to you in the coming months, and we can’t wait to share them! The above image is of our root ball altar that we created in the woods for the film shoot. The land of Dreaming Stone is beautifully featured in these new works!

You can plug in and help us build!

I am actively raising funds for Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center’s (DSAEC’s) general operations as well as for the construction of an outdoor kitchen & classroom. Funds permitting, this structure would enhance our ability to provide outdoor programing and run classes out of the garden. Please consider supporting our work! All gifts are tax deductible.
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Thanks for following our work and keeping in touch. We have more exciting news to share this spring and summer, so stay tuned. And in the meantime…

Love and Light,

Tevyn East

Director, Dreaming Stone Arts and Ecology Center
former talent wrangler for the Carnival de Resistance
[email protected]

“All flourishing is mutual. Soil, fungus, tree, squirrel, boy — all are the beneficiaries of reciprocity.” – Robin Wall Kimmerer


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