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Healing Haunted Histories

This workshop series features the scholarship and community organizing experience of Elaine Enns & Ched Myers of Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries. Friday and Saturday will be a deep dive into their recent publication “Healing Haunted Histories: A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization” (HHH). The event will conclude with a “Ritual of Remembrance” on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, participants are welcome to stay for a day of study and action around Watershed Discipleship.

We are requiring all participants to have received the COVID vaccine. Space is limited!

“Healing Haunted Histories” helps each participant reckon with our personal and political history and legacies of settler colonialism. This work involves both inward and outward journeys to understand and “re-vise” the devised stories and distorted values of colonization that mis-shape our identity and vocation.

This event is wrapped in ritual, while also centered in critical reflection on family and community narratives, so as to help settlers better imagine and strategize how we can:

  1. pursue healing from the “moral injury,” unearned privilege or suffering and “hauntings” of colonization; through a
  2. commitment to naming, understanding, resisting and transforming historical and current structures of settler colonialism within us and around us; in order to
  3. embody deeper practices of restorative solidarity and relationship with Indigenous communities, and other historically oppressed communities.


Oct 22 - 23 2021


All Day
Ched Myers


Ched Myers

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