Community Safety: A Workshop in Harm Reduction, De-escalation, and Threat Assessment

Community safety is supported and strengthened by thoughtful relationship building. Our best preparations for mitigating disaster lies in fortifying relationships and showing up for each other.

This workshop will lead us to inventory the vulnerabilities and strengths within our community, so as to build the skills and plans to address challenges, tension, and upheaval in practical and cogent ways. This workshop is a great place for folks who are new to exploring these topics. We are our own first responder to crises, so let’s build our capacity to move from bystander to active participant in serving collective wellbeing. You will leave this workshop with a deeper sense of relationship with your community, greater confidence to intervene in situations when clear-headed de-escalation is needed, and a grounded understanding and sense of how to build safety for all. 

“Solidarity is rooted in relationship.” – Jimmy Betts

Program Costs: This workshop will include lunch, coffee, tea and snacks. We are providing a sliding scale, so as to be able to support different economic realities. Please help us cover our program costs by paying at the highest level that you can afford.


Sep 28 2024


10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Jimmy Betts


Jimmy Betts

Jimmy Betts describes themself as a Roving Ecological Justice Activated Earther and teaches de-escalation and effective protest techniques to groups that have bonded together to make a positive change for our collective future. Jimmy can be found on the front lines of political actions and disasters offering a blend of Eastern and Western herbal medicine/first aid. They served as the Program Director, Program Facilitator and Coordinator for The Great March for Climate Action. Jimmy is dedicated to passionate, purposeful living with natural medicine in integrated settings, martial arts, personal cultivation through life arts, and off-beat humor.


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