Free The Moving Body

We are all moving bodies that get achy and stagnant. This dance practice provides simple and delicious ways to dive into our alert, sensing bodies. This includes spiraling stretches – good for our muscles and myofascial layer; strength building – that supports strong alignment; and repetitive fluid movement that supports range of motion and healthy joints. This class is available to all levels of dance experience.


This is an indoor practice and is limited to students who are fully vaccinated. We reserve the right to require proof of vaccination. Please be in touch with Tevyn if you have any questions: [email protected] or 828-755-5419.

Additional COVID-19 Agreements:

  • We stay home if we are presenting any of the known symptoms for COVID-19, or if we have a known or suspected exposure

  • We advocate for ourselves during the event: we ask for space, wear a mask if we wish, and practice consent around proximity and physical touch

  • We agree to inform Dreaming Stone leadership if we show symptoms, or test positive, for COVID – 19 within a week of attending an event.


Jan 20 2022


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Tevyn East


Tevyn East
[email protected]

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