Montly Singing Circles

The First Wednesdays of the Month

Snacks, Gathering, Socializing – 6 pm

Singing starts at 6:30, and ends by 8

Does your heart get some help from singing with others? Well, join us for fellowship and song sharing.

Guided by Tevyn East and co-created with the participants, much of the evening will consist of a cappella, easy to learn songs and chants. Everyone is welcome to share and lead a song, yet there is no obligation to do so. This draws heavily from the movement of Community Sings, happening around the country, but can embrace good old fashioned singalongs with familiar or obscure tunes.

You are invited to “come as you are” and know that ALL ARE WELCOME! This event is open to those outside the gender binary- every age, race, sexual orientation, and expression of faith and spirituality are welcome. We come together to sing, find joy and grace. There are no expectations about singing “well”. There is no shame and all are embraced and encouraged. 

We will sing outside to reduce the risk of spreading Covid. When it’s cold, we will make a fire. When it’s raining, we will cancel. Folks are encouraged to bring walking shoes and a fold up chair.

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